What Does a Mayor in Calgary Do?

The general welfare of the city or a community results from the performance of an effective leader just like the mayor in Calgary. This place is one of the livable cities in Canada with its stability, healthcare, and education. In fact, it is home to 1.6 million citizens.

The mayor plays a huge role in the decision-making within the jurisdiction. What is a mayor all about and what does he do? Are you capable of being one? This article will give you an overview of what it takes to be a mayor.

What is a Mayor?

People always ask what roles can a mayor perform. Actually, there are so many. So, how can we determine his major functions? A mayor is a top executive holding the highest position in a city, municipality, or territory. In most countries, a mayor works closely with the city council. Functions vary from one city to another. Aside from the various roles, a mayor must know how to influence people and be aware of the issues that beset his territory.

Guiding the city's vision: the role of Calgary's mayor.
Guiding the city’s vision: the role of Calgary’s mayor.

What Does a Mayor Do?

Many of us recognize a mayor but some are not fully aware of what they actually do. Below are some of the responsibilities:

  • Must have a vote on local issues and a strong understanding of the current issues.
  • Has strong communication skills to solve complex issues and be able to address them to the people.
  • Possesses strong leadership in the council and work closely with committees.
  • Carries out other duties such as attending events and meetings that are crucial to the development of the city.
  • Has the initiative to carry out social responsibility programs.
  • Must create a strong team of committees to handle various projects.
  • Clears him time to communicate with his constituents at meetings to get their thoughts and listen to suggestions.
  • Can generate resources and revenue. It is important to check whether everything is working or not.
  • Should pass on local ordinances to better enhance the capability of their territory through a strong task force committee.

Are you Suited to be a Mayor?

A mayor should possess a distinct personality. Here are some tips to check if you foresee yourself holding a mayoralty position:

  • Seek an advanced education in public administration
  • Start in politics at an early stage
  • Immerse yourself in the community
  • Attend and take part in events and programs
  • Be proactive in supporting certain issues and projects
  • Communicate with the local residents.
  • Carry out other duties on behalf of the council
  • Maintains clear and close communication with the council and department heads
  • Establish a strong platform
  • Create an active committee to carry out plans

What is the Workplace of a Mayor?

The election process varies depending on the area. Technically, a mayor should reside in a place he’s running for office for one year prior to the election period. The length of the term ranges from two to four years. In some cities, they do not set limitations and mayors can be re-elected. Similarly, the duties and responsibilities of a mayor vary depending on the size of its locality and its government structure.

Final Thoughts

How important is it to be the next mayor? Are you ready enough to be one? It takes a lot of hard work to handle a big responsibility. In fact, serving a community is a hands-on job. Moreover, choosing someone to uphold civic awareness as well as the welfare of the community is crucial. A mayor can be effective through his skills, council committee, and influence. Thus, it is vital to choose based on these attributes.