What a Pre-election Program Mean to Voters

The Pre-election stage gives us a chance to look at the plans of those who want to serve the city. They will present to you the good things they have planned for you and the city. What are their visions and goals? How do they see the city during and after their term? Those are the basic questions that they must answer.

We will look at what urgent issues they should address and how they should deal with them.

Shaping voter perspectives: the impact of pre-election programs.
Shaping voter perspectives: the impact of pre-election programs.

There is no better day than today: Are we doing better?

A good mayor will always look at the present situation. Like how things are going today. They must not dwell on the past, but on some things that they should learn lessons. That is how it connects to the present. From there, we will know if we are doing better or not.

What are the things that a city should do better at? The first thing on the list is the economy. The inflation rate should be low and the business environment is open to investors. This is possible if we maintain low sales tax.

How about the environment? This should be a priority too. A livable city is clean. Environmental safeguards are in place. A good city has an efficient sewage system. Everyone should have access to safe and potable water.

Do we have an effective recycling program? Are the streets and roads clean and safe? If the answers to these are yes, then we are doing better. Being the cleanest city is a feat that will surely attract more investors.

Another thing to look at is public transportation. If it is reasonably good, then our city is a comfortable place to live in. You can be proud of your city if the transport system is efficient and sustainable. A plus point is that there are walkable streets and open spaces to enhance your mental well-being.

If we are doing better in these areas, a good mayor will strive to do more.

The Gray Area: A Stand on Online Gambling

There’s a pressing issue that should be clear during the pre-election. There is an emerging gambling platform that needs attention. However, let’s be honest. We cannot completely stop gambling, especially the ones we find on online platforms.

What we can do is create policies so that the city will benefit from them. Turning potential revenues into projects to benefit the people is a good idea. We suppose that’s how a good mayor thinks.

Even if we have existing gambling laws that legalize online gambling, do you think it’s enough? A leader should think differently. There is leniency in the operations and regulations of gambling. In such cases, the government will not be getting the right tax and dues that it should collect. The government is on the losing side and something should be done to fix this.

There’s a need to pass a law changing gambling laws that makes online [casinos] regulated. Online casinos must have strict oversight and regulations to ensure transparent and fair gaming. A good example is how Online Casino Ontario is regulated. A provision for the protection of gamers ensures a safe and secure playing experience.

Changing the city’s online gambling laws while adapting to fast-changing technology can protect our citizens from unfair practices.

The Next Steps: How will we do it?

During pre-election, we should look for someone who can give a precise solution to the online gambling challenge. Here are some wise solutions:

  • Introduce a fair licensing framework for online casinos that focus on player protection and fair gaming.
  • Create a system to prevent gambling addiction by means of help desks and player controls.
  • Impose stricter rules on online casino operators who violate the law including the revocation of their licenses.

When will it be available?

This can only happen if we have leaders that are decisive and will not hesitate to champion the rights of and protect its people from illegal online gambling.